Let the Sunshine in!

Spring FlowersIt’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood – temps around 70 degrees in what is technically still winter. Great day to harvest some vitamin D and think happy thoughts.

But somehow we don’t always find ourselves thinking happy thoughts. For me, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and of course the oft-dreaded birthday are times when reflections on what might have been or “if only” musings creep into my skull and sour me on what bounties I have accumulated in my life. With another milestone hovering just a month and a half away, I’ve decided to try and¬†inoculate¬†myself against the annual fear and loathing.

This morning I was up at 4, thanks to the fact that I had to get up at 4 the day before and I had reset my body’s clock accordingly. As I was perusing my morning RSS feeds, I happened across one from the Harvard Business Review on the power of positive thinking. They actually went so far as to prescribe choosing one of the following every day for three weeks as a balm against negativity:

  • Jot down three things they were grateful for.
  • Write a positive message to someone in their social support network.
  • Meditate at their desk for two minutes.
  • Exercise for 10 minutes.
  • Take two minutes to describe in a journal the most meaningful experience of the past 24 hours.

[Source: Positive Intelligence, Harvard Business Review]

Not willing to rely on just one potential cure, I’ve decided to do at least 3 per day for the next three weeks. So I started the day off with 40 minutes of exercise, told a co-worker how her passion for exercise makes it seem effortless which inspires me to want to push myself, and I’m now spending about 15 minutes describing in this my online journal the most meaningful experience of my day – committing to a positive attitude.

I haven’t admitted it but Newvember was a failure. I got 2 weeks into it and a buddy of mine started ridiculing it on Facebook and then I woke up sick for about a week and everything just derailed from that point on – no focus and no motivation. I’m hoping that my commitment this time will pull me through, but I’d love to hear some reinforcement from others who have committed themselves to a rosier outlook on life.