Soylent Challenge – Day 1

In February I joined the Kickstarter project for Soylent. The creators envisioned a food source that could replace traditional food – fast, cheap, and nutritionally balanced. Our traditional process requires time and energy to prepare and clean up after, which might be better spent in other pursuits.

About a week ago (so 7 months later than expected), the one week pack arrived on my doorstep, but given that I was going to be on the road for the following week, I decided to put it off until yesterday.

Each day’s supply makes up about 2000 calories of food, divided between the processed powder and the oil. You can either make a shake in a blender bottle, or pour the whole thing into a pitcher, add water, and shake for about 30 seconds. Clean up is simple – just rinse/wash the pitcher and any glasses you use.

If you factor in that each day’s meals come down to $9 for a complete, balanced nutritional experience with 1 pouch and a small oil bottle’s worth of waste, it does feel like a very green way to go (although just don’t put Soylent and green together in a sentence).


Flavor: The shakes taste like the vanilla, peanut butter, oatmeal, and whey protein smoothies I used to make when I was trying to gain muscle.

Consistency: It’s smooth, but with a little bit of grit.


September was a horrid month for me as I had an upper respiratory infection for most of it so my workout time was limited and I added about 5 pounds from eating a lot of salty foods (soups, crackers, curry). I also wasn’t very zealous about my water consumption so I’m sure that played a factor into my weight gain. I’ve decided to see how well I can do while surviving on just Soylent and water (with occasional treats as positive reinforcements for achievements).


Energy: I’ve not noticed a significant gain in energy other than the fact that it’s the weekend and I had some goals I wanted to achieve which increased my positive attitude on completion.

Cardio: 45 minutes of walking/jogging the dog + a couple hours of cleaning

Water: 64oz (plus the water in the Soylent)

Approximate Soylent Usage: 4/5 (@1600 calories)

Weight: -.9 pounds

Craving: Chipotle Barbacoa Burrito Bowl