Soylent Challenge – Day 2

Day 2 is closed and no cheating on other treats (Day 1 I finished off a small pack of licorice because I felt the need to chew on something). I occasionally see advertising that is pushing me to want specific foods, but I’m building up my willpower.


Energy: I do feel a bit more energy, but it’s not a surge. Then again, caffeine doesn’t work on me like other people.

Cardio: 55 minutes of walking/jogging the dog + several hours of wallpaper removal, wall prep, sanding, and painting.

Water: 80oz (plus the water in the Soylent)

Approximate Soylent Usage: 4/5 (@1600 calories)

Weight: -2.5 pounds (-3.4 total – much of it no doubt due to shedding water weight)

Craving: Starting to subside – although I do crave spice, it’s not so specific

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