Photoshop Phriday 6: Clean or Dirty Dishes?

dishwasher magnet - Miley Cyrus

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Do you have a boring “Clean or Dirty” magnet on your dishwasher? Would you prefer something with some flair? Click on the designs to the right to download the printable versions of my latest creative endeavor.

For this Photoshop Phriday project I’m revisiting a design that my friend Anja had made circa 2005 after Christina Aguilera went through her “bad girl” transformation. Since Miley Cyrus has also decided to cast aside her adolescent mold, I thought it would make a good visual for this old meme.

Given that another child star has gone through his own metamorphosis, I’ve added him to the mix for those of you who might be squeamish about seeing that famous twerk every time you look at the dishwasher.

Dishwasher Magnet - Bieber

Download the printable version

» Download Cyrus graphic

» Download Bieber graphic

Feel free to share these with your friends – just let me know below or on Facebook which one you liked best and if you have some awesome ideas for future projects you would like to see.

State of the Blog

It’s been a couple months since my last post but I’m going to endeavor to be more consistent. I’m going to mix things up and start adding in some vlog entries.