We Can Be Heroes …in High Heels?

Photo from the annual "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" supporting SARA

The signs read “Are you Man enough?” as a band of regular men walk around Red Wing, MN sporting donated high heels. Their goal is to raise awareness for sexual assault and violence against women in general. In addition, they are raising money for the Sexual Assault Resource Agency (formerly, Goodhue Wabasha Sexual Assault Services). I’ve walked with them in 2011 and 2012 – I plan to do so again on April 20th.

I got involved with this event as part of an Overnight Website Challenge team. While my teammates were busy writing code and content, I was alternating between assisting our designer and soliciting artistic direction from the client. We finished most of the site on time, but we had some engineering hurdles to surmount so we pushed off the launch until just before their big event. I drove down to attend and made my donation via my cell phone to demonstrate the awesome work that our developers had put into it. I then walked around Red Wing (not a full mile – I was late due to Google Map coverage issues which sent me down a country road).

SARA provides “support to sexual assault survivors with educational materials, forensic examinations, and more. Donations also support outreach, prevention, and volunteer training materials.” It’s a noble cause worth backing, and they need support now more than ever. This year they are unable to provide classroom training due to the price of gas and a reduction in state funding. I’m not a female, so I can’t know the fear they have to face in our society.

I’m not normally one to ask people to spend their money on something they may not believe in, but I hope there are some of you out there who can agree with me on this being worthwhile. I’m even willing to raise the ante – pictures. If you donate via their donation form and either comment below or comment on the Facebook thread I post this under, I will put your name on a poster which I will carry through the streets of Red Wing and post on Facebook afterward. Give what you feel comfortable with (the minimum amount they will take is $10) and post before noon ┬ánext Friday (April, 19, 2013) – that simple.

Oh, and if you want to walk with me or watch grown men hobble down the street trying to balance on high heels, then I’ve got 2 available car seats (Cerbie takes the seat directly behind me as she gets to walk with us). My car leaves South St. Paul at 9am.