Pirate School

A Howard Pyle Pirate PaintingA friend of mine recently provided an anecdote about his son’s desire to go to “pirate school” (he misheard “private school”). My suggestion to him was that it was a great entrepreneurial opportunity for “a pirate themed charter school with an interdisciplinary approach based on nautical themes and a civilization’s need to create rules to mitigate conflict. You would still teach the three ‘Arrhs!’ but they would be approached more holistically.”

Overnight I had some further thoughts as my brain revisited my Interdisciplinary Curriculum and other educational theory courses. I wanted to get down those musing on how to structure this so I could move forward with my day. I figured it more towards a middle school (mainly considering the physical education components) than an elementary school, but adjustments could be made.

My big concern is that kids would take the practices of piracy too close to heart (bullying, stealing, etc.) so it would need to be stated early on that there is a code of conduct and that failure to follow “the captain’s orders” would mean being forced to “walk the plank” to another school (hence the conflict resolution course in social studies).

Language Pods: Traditional English, French Immersion, Spanish Immersion (doesn’t have to be Caribbean-centric, could be more global)

Science:  Underwater ecology, boat building (w/Art), navigation (w/Math), astronomy

Math: Units of measure, sailing math (winds, speed, tides, etc.), navigation (w/science), maritime economics (w/Social Studies), cargo planning

Social Studies: History of water travel, maritime cultures, maritime economics (w/Math), civilization’s role in conflict resolution

Physical Education: Rope climbing, aquarobics, fencing

Art & Crafts: Knot tying, pottery, art appreciation (pirate paintings), henna tattoos, boat building (w/Science), pirate hat making

Detention: Swabbing the deck

Feel free to suggest your own curriculum suggestions and point out problems with my suggestions.

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